Hello and thank you for checking out my personal blog!

My name is Jon Kostyniuk and I have worked as a professional engineer for the past 10 years. In that time, I have gained some great experience, while at the same time I am humbled by what I have yet to learn.

I am starting this blog because I thought it was time to begin a conversation on topics that I am interested in and passionate about that transcend what I do on a daily basis in my career. Through the process of this conversation, I hope to learn more and further my experience in the areas of interest discussed here.

This website is intended as a personal exportation of my three main professional passions – transportation engineering, electrical engineering, and new technology in general. This blog is intended to explore my existing professional skill set and muse about emerging technologies and their applications in society. I love learning about, developing, and/or applying new technologies, especially as it relates to the field of transportation.  This being said, I will also indulge in discussing three of my personal passions – history, education, and philosophy – and how they relate to my profession.

I am not a sage, nor do I own a crystal ball; therefore, any future “predictions” I might make should be taken with a grain of salt. This blog is a thought experiment – the opinions expressed will change both as I learn more and as new technologies emerge. If you like any of the ideas I present, I invite you to connect with me to expand the conversation.

Many times we get caught in the status quo – our way of life, our habits, and our routines. Many people can be fearful of change, especially when we may have to leave our comfort zones. I know I get caught up in this too. I challenge anyone reading this to get out of your comfort zone, your entrenched beliefs, and to overcome your cognitive dissonance – consider, but do not necessarily accept, new ideas on face value.

Change is inevitable for all of us – by choice or by force. I’m not going to claim that all change is good, nor is it all bad. We should merely keep an open mind and critically think about any change before we embrace or reject it.

As I mentioned, this blog will mainly be focused on my professional passions. Let’s see where this goes! To launch this blog properly, I have prepared a few articles to post over the next couple of weeks to give you a flavour of what I’m about – stay tuned.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing your feedback!